Darkglass Hyper Luminal

SKU: 4-Hyper Luminal

Darkglass Hyper Luminal

Darkglass has made it their mission to combine their analog expertise and signature sound with cutting-edge, digital technologies, not to replace, but to enhance the sonic possibilities and intuitiveness of the next generation of Darkglass products.

The Hyper Luminal Compressor embodies this like no other pedal in the industry: by digitally modeling the side-chain circuits in some of the most legendary compressors in history, they were able to capture their essence and characteristic behavior while keeping a completely analog signal path.

But that is not all! Instead of using mechanical switches (because let's face it, switches are boring), to select the compression Ratio and Mode, they have implemented touch-through-metal sensors. Way cooler!

Effect Type: Bass Compressor
Controls: Blend, Time, Output, Compression
Connections: In, Out, 9v DC In, USB