Darklass Infinity 500 Combo 210

SKU: 1-DG-210D
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A perfect blend of power and precision

A powerful 500 Watt amplifier loaded with custom-made Eminence® speakers, the Infinity Combo Series is designed for the modern bass player. Its user-friendly interface and cloud-storable presets allow for seamless transitions between different sounds on the go. Its sonic versatility makes it ideal for live performances and practice sessions of various genres.

Type: Solid State
Total Power: 500W
Speaker: Custom Designed Eminence Speaker, WGS-410 Horn
EQ: Preset-specific Darkglass EQ. ± 12 dB @ Low Shelf/250 Hz/500 Hz/1.5 kHz/3 kHz/High Shelf.
Inputs: 1 x 1/4”
Rear Panel Connections: Midi In, USB-C, Post DI Out, Pre DI Out, Line Out, Line In, Send, Return, External Speaker
Dimensions: 46.4 cm x 61.1 cm x 39.5 cm
Weight: 17.3 kg