Darklass Microtubes 500 1x12 Combo

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Redefining Bass with Precision

Designed for ultimate sonic quality and portability, the M Combo Series defines excellence in Analog bass tones and precision. Featuring custom-made Eminence® speakers and powered by an efficient 500 W class D power module, the M Combo Series are perfect for the musician demanding premium analog character across venues, rehearsals, and home setups.

Type: Analog 
Total Power: 500W
Speaker: Custom Designed Eminence Speaker, Eminence Tweeter
EQ: Low, Low Mids, High Mids, Trbele
Rear Panel Connections: DI Output, Aux In, Send, Return, Footswitch In, External Speaker, Headphone Out
Dimensions: 43 cm x 49.3 cm x 43.2 cm
Weight: 14.5 kg