Laney LFR-212 Powered Guitar Cab


Stevige actieve FRFR speaker cabinet van Laney!

In this digital era, the possibilities for guitar tone and effects are boundless. With the Laney LFR cabinets, you have the freedom to explore an astonishing array of exceptional-sounding amplifiers, cabinets, and effects combinations that were once mere dreams for guitarists.

Now, you can take your digital guitar rig anywhere, from the recording studio to the live stage. But to truly unleash the potential of your rig, you need a cabinet that can deliver your meticulously crafted tones to you and your audience in all their glory.

Speakers: 2 x 12" Custom Drivers + 1" La Voce compression driverShape: Offset 2 x 12 geometry
Design: Slanted
Input: XLR/Jack combi sockets
Power handeling: 800 Watts
Extra: Switchable front illumination